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The Pea & Shell Game by Phil Cass - DVD

The Best Pea and Shell Routine EVER!!!!!

Australia's Phil Cass has finally released the secrets to two of his pet effects, The Pea and Shell Game and Fisherman's Wharf Special. For those of you who may not have heard of him, Phil Cass has been awarded "Australia's #1 Variety Act" numerous times, and is in constant demand for both his close-up and stage work.

The Pea and Shell Game - A classic magical con game - three walnut shells, one small pea and the mark tries to guess which shell the pea is under, and they always lose! Phil has made this the mainstay of his close-up work for many years and those willing to study his presentation, technique and timing will have a complete 20-minute act added to their repertoire! Just wait until you see the killer climax.

Fisherman's Wharf Special - You pour water into one closed fist, it vanishes and reappears inside the other closed fist! A clever new use and a brand new steal for your thumbtip.

"The most commercial and magical Pea & Shell Game I've ever seen... and I've seen 'em all!"
...Roger Klause

"No question, it is one of the best 'presentations' I have seen on the scam and how he NAILS the spectator is a lesson in psychology one could learn much from."
...Pete Biro

"Phil's wonderfully edgy showmanship is very fun to watch. Because of the psychological push and shove between the performer and his mark, it plays for a bigger room than most routines can. It is by far one of the most different and original presentations I have seen."
...Whit Haydn, School for Scoundrels

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